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2020 Kids Mission Camp

Date: August 4 (Tues) – August 7 (Fri)

Time: Each day will have morning, afternoon and evening sessions. There will be 1.5 to 2-hour breaks between each session.

PDT: 10am-5:30pm

EDT: 1pm-8:30pm

Gathering Method: Over Zoom

Contact Info: kids@intercp.org


Kids Mission Camp Information

Kids Mission Camp is an annual program for kids (1st-6th grade) to learn about God’s mission vision and receive His heart for the restoration of all nations. His children are challenged to rise up as a holy and pure generation that will hold fast to the promises of God and proclaim the gospel to all nations. As kids gather to worship, hear God’s Word, and learn about nations who have never heard the truth of Jesus Christ before, we believe God will restore all nations by the power of the gospel.
**This year, we will host Kids Mission Camp online that is open to all kids in grades 1-6. You can join us over Zoom within your own home!

How to Join

Deadline: August 1st, Saturday

Registration is only offered online. Click HERE to register


Registration Fee

Payment must be made at time of registration

Sibling discount available

  • 1st Child - $20

  • 2nd Child - $15

  • 3rd Child - $15

  • 4th Child - $15


2020 Kids Mission Camp Program

Messages / Elective Lectures

Kids will hear a wide variety of messages given by missionaries from all generations serving in the unreached nations. The messages will highlight the vision and calling that God has given to kids as young disciples of Jesus Christ. There will be a separate time designated for all kids to attend elective lectures on different topics such as worship, prayer, media, and holiness/purity to be equipped as the holy army of God.

Field Missionary Testimonies

Student missionaries who have served in the unreached nations as evangelists, shepherds, and church planters will share about the Father’s heart for the lost. These missionaries consist of college students who have served the nations for 1 year, high school students that have served for 3 months, and kids who have served the nations for 2 weeks.

Activities / Games

Throughout the program, kids will participate in various activities such as games and crafts that will educate them about the unreached people groups within the 10/40 Window. Kids will be exposed to diverse cultures, lifestyles, and traditions, as well as the condition of the mission field today. With this knowledge, they will be equipped to intercede for the unreached nations as they participate in these hands-on activities.


Maranatha Festival

Kids will explore various nations and unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window during this time. Student missionaries from the field will share powerful testimonies of how God is pouring out revival in these nations. They will learn unique facts and characteristics about each nation and examine real artifacts such as traditional clothing, music, and treats. Kids will have the opportunity to adopt an unreached nation and prepare a small presentation (song, rap, dance, skit, etc.) to showcase each nation.


BTJ Festival/ Missionary Commissioning 

All generations will gather together to worship and pray for mission revival across North America on behalf of all nations. Each generation will highlight their own special characteristics through performances, displaying the need for all generations to unite in completing the Great Commission. We will conclude with commissioning of short and long-term missionaries that will be sent to serve the 10/40 Window.
**Unfortunately, we are unable to gather and celebrate through BTJ Festival this year, but kids will hear testimonies and prayer requests from our short and long-term missionaries and have an opportunity to pray for them and the nations they will serve.


Kids Mission Camp Testimonies

Timothy B. – Parent Testimony (Minneapolis)
I went to Mission Camp with no real expectations. Much to my surprise, the entire family loved it! In the car on the way home, I asked my daughters what they thought of Mission Camp.

Audrey, my 10-year old at the time, said “It was awesome!” She then declared, “I want to go to Morocco!” Before she even finished speaking, Coco, my 12-year old at the time, declared “I want to go to Afghanistan!”  And my wife said “Well, I want us all to take Vision School this fall because I want to go to Turkey to work with Syrian refugees!”


Shirley K. – Grade 2 (DC Maryland)

When we were worshipping last night, I prayed and I felt Jesus. It felt like there was a person, but when I looked, there wasn't. But when reached to my side, and I felt Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So, then I started praying to Him, and I started feeling the Holy Spirit.


Edward S. – Grade 6 (Orange County, CA)

This is my first time at Mission Camp and I learned about how God calls us as His children and missionaries to share the gospel. And I thought, “Nope, is there a plan B? I don’t want to do that.” But then I thought about how Jesus sacrificed himself and died on the cross for us who are worthless sinners, and I started to think about how I wanted to live for Him for the first time in my life. I adopted India because many people talk about these nations negatively. I met Jesus last night. It was a time when I truly felt him. I truly felt Him and His love for me and his love for all nations.


Sarah C. – Grade 4 (Los Angeles, CA)

As I was listening to the missionary's message, I started to cry as I heard the story of the refugees in the nations. I thought that tears only came when I got in trouble from my parents or when I got hurt, but I realized I was crying for something different; I realized that what I was feeling was the heart and tears of God. During my mealtimes at school, I want to pray for the Syrian refugees with my friends and preach the gospel to the Muslim children at my school.

Mary K. – Grade 3 (Tacoma, WA)

My first Mission Camp was in 2017. It was in Chicago and that was the first time I understood God's vision. We had time to pray, worship, play games and have fun, and hear what God is doing. Prayer was my favorite part. I saw the Holy Spirit coming on many people and many kids crying. And then I felt the Holy Spirit coming upon me, and I truly saw why we need to go to all nations to preach the gospel.