Post Programs

7/31 (Fri. 5 PM) - 8/1 (Sat. 5 PM)


BTJ Seminar


BTJ Seminar is for those who have completed vision school to receive more in-depth training for fulfilling the Great Commission. The BTJ Seminar focus is on greater spirituality and equipping faithful disciples to prepare for the Lord’s return.

Lecture contents: Discipleship, Jesus' Discipleship Training, Evangelism, Ministry Ethics, Team ministry and leadership, Minister Finance, Holiness and Purity, Loyalty and Trust ​


Participants: VS graduates 
Fee: $100 (includes Registration fee & Hotel & Food) 

Contact: Angelo Andres (Telegram ID: @malachi_2018 / Email:

M&B (Mission and Business) Seminar


We'd like to invite those who desire to learn and cooperate with M & B ministry with strong strategy and ministry capacity to serve our beloved nations.

Lecture contents: 

  • End Time Mission Strategy of God: "Business Mission"

  • God's business in administering the nations

  • Workplace church planting that opens the door of the nation.


Fee: $100 (includes Registration fee & Hotel & Food) 
Contact: Sang Bum Park (Tele ID: @ MnB_America / Email:

MnM (Mission and Medical) Seminar


Medical mission is based on Jesus' healing and preaching ministry. We go out to the sick in the nations to tender their medical (health care) and spiritual needs (evangelism).  At MnM 2020 medical mission seminar, you will hear how God has been using MnM ministry for His Kingdom in the 10/40 window in these end times. At workshops of MnM seminar, you will learn what to prepare to partake in MnM medical mission trips. Both medical professionals and lay people are needed for successful medical mission!  Please come join us!

Lecture contents: Report of MnM medical mission, Frontier medical mission,  Medical mission and global alliance, Workshop (pain management, love touch, nation study, and patient cases from mission fields)

Participants: Anyone interested in medical mission (medical professionals+lay people, graduation from Vision School or MnM School not required)
Fee: $110 for adults and $100 for students and pastors (includes Registration fee & Hotel & Food) 

Contact: John Han (Telegram ID: @jh253 / Email:


GAIPM School (Global Alliance Intercessory Prayer Movement)


Through prayer ministry school, we will partake in field prayer ministry, training for prayer ministers and Intercessory Prayer Ministry in the nations every 2 years to join the church planting movement in the nations. In addition GA 12 hour prayer movement in NA and GAIPM 48 Hour prayer in the nation which will be the foundation of all prayer movement to raise up prayer movement for all people.

Lecture contents: 

  • Spiritual Mapping of 10/40 windows and other nation windows

  • Regional research

  • IP prayer and spiritual warfare

  • IP prayer movement as a body

  • Reality of the field and importance of IP prayer

  • Explanation of Books of the Prophets and Revelations

  • Leviticus: Leviticus IP prayer and worship

Participants: Everyone who interests in all nations prayer
Fee: $100 (includes Registration fee & Hotel & Food) 

Contact: Jackie Kim (Telegram ID: @visionary1040/ Email:

Young Generation Leadership Conference

YGLC is for all YG InterCP Int'l leaders of college campuses and young adult leaders in workplaces to discuss and strategize to plant mission communities in the cities of NA to fulfill the vision of 50K.  YGLC will focus on direct evangelism, mission mobilization and active discipleship on campuses and workplaces with the goal of planting mission communities throughout NA to fulfill the vision of 50K. 

Lecture contents:  

  • Evangelism & Mission Mobilization on campus and in the workplace

  • Discipleship & Mentorship on campus and in the workplace

  • Team Ministry & Mission Community Planting Movement 

  • Training in Mobilizing Churches and Organizations

Participants: InterCP Int’l YG Campus and Young Adult Leaders & Staff and Highschool Senior Graduates of InterCP Int'l Leaders & Staff

Fee: $100 (includes Registration fee & Hotel & Food) 

Contact: Word Lee (Telegram ID: @davutlibey)