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Post Programs

7/3 (Wed. 7 PM) - 7/4 (Thur. 5 PM)


Seminar on Global Mission


The Global Mission Seminar is designed for the men and women of God who desire to partner in God's holy vision and strategy for world evangelism from a personal, national, and global perspective, and to partake in God's History making in the end times.

The Seminar will include interactive small group and Q&A sessions.
Lecture contents will include:

  • The Importance of Global Missions

  • Current Global Status and Strategy

  • Church and Mission

  • Missions from a Parent's Perspective

  • Holiness and Sanctification 

  • Kingdom Finance

  • History of the Ethnic Church

Fee: $70.00
Contact: Yumi Hong (Tele ID: @yumi4hisvision / Email:


M&B (Mission and Business) Seminar


We'd like to invite those who desire to learn and cooperate with M & B ministry with strong strategy and ministry capacity to serve our beloved nations.

  • End Time Mission Strategy of God: "Business Mission"

  • God's business in administering the nations

  • Workplace church planting that opens the door of the nation.


Fee: $70
Contact:Sang Bum Park (Tele ID: @ MnB_America / Email:



MnM (Medical Mission) Seminar


Medical mission is based on Jesus' healing and preaching ministry. We go out to the sick in the nations to tender their medical (health care) and spiritual needs (evangelism). Both medical professionals and lay people are needed for a successful medical mission. At MnM 2019 medical mission seminar, we will share the current status and future directions of the medical mission in the 10/40 window nations. We will also have several workshops that would help participants prepare for medical mission trips. Please come join us!

  • For: anyone interested in the medical mission (medical professionals+lay people, graduation from Vision School or MnM School not required)

  • What: Report of MnM medical mission, Medical mission for refugees, Health and education, Medical mission and global alliance, Workshop (pain management, love touch, nation study, patient cases from mission field)


Fee: $85

Contact: Mee-Ohk Kim (Tele ID: @sharonmokim/ Email:



GAIPM School (Global Alliance Intercessory Prayer Movement)


GAIPM school is equipping to study Area such as Nation, Region, Peoples Group. Also raising up GA prayer worriers and helping field ministries planting local churches by twice a year doing GAIPM ministry in mission fields including GAIPM48. We are holding GAIPM12 in North America as 247 Prayer Movement. 

  • Discerning the spiritual condition of Each Window in 10/40 Region. 

  • Area Analysts 

  • Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

  • Intercessory Prayer Movement & 12 hours and 48 hours Prayer

  • The current state of mission field and need for intercessory prayer 

  • Seminar of Book of Prophets, and Revelation

  • Leviticus- Priestly Intercession and Worship


Fee: $70

Contact: Jackie Kim (Tele ID: @visionary1040/ Email:

Youth Program

Fee: $50

Contact: Leah Kim (Tele ID: @youth50k)

Kids Program

Fee: $50

Contact: Sarah Park (Tele ID: @kids50k)


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